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Comptoir Sud Pacifique Vanilla Ambre

    Comptoir Sud Pacifique

    Comptoir Sud Pacifique Vanilla Ambre
    SKU# 1060100p
    BrandComptoir Sud Pacifique
    Directions• Spritz the perfume sparingly onto wrists and neck. 
    • Allow it to get warmed and absorbed by the skin for the notes to set.
    Product TypesFragrances
    ScentsFloral, Fruity

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    What it is:
    Comptoir Sud Pacifique launched the Vanilla Ambre perfume in 2001 and has been a consumer favorite ever since, due to its soft and sensual feel. It offers a delicious scent of warm winds and heavenly islands. 

    The perfume is very sensual and will make you irresistible, with a wonderful touch of oriental aroma, coming from its notes of patchouli and musk. Wear it every day for escaping the ordinary or on evening occasions for a unique scent.

    What it does:
    Although based on vanilla notes, the perfume does not offer an over-powering or artificial vanilla scent, but rather a sweet and mysterious fragrance, which is also due to the beautiful amber notes.

    The patchouli brings a hint of oriental aroma, together with notes of musk, which further downplays the sweetness of vanilla. The perfume provides great longevity, staying on your skin for hours on end and offering a sensual, irresistible scent. 

    Key Features & Benefits:
    • Soft, sensual perfume
    • Based on vanilla notes
    • Offers mysterious amber tones
    • Features hints of patchouli and musk
    • Provides an oriental twist
    • Ideal for both casual wear & special events
    • Long lasting wear