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Comptoir Sud Pacifique Coco Extreme EDT

    Comptoir Sud Pacifique

    Comptoir Sud Pacifique Coco Extreme EDT
    SKU# 1060078p
    BrandComptoir Sud Pacifique
    Directions• Spritz lightly onto wrists, neck and behind your ears. 
    • Enjoy the warm and delicate, tropical scent.
    Product TypesFragrances
    ScentsFloral, Fruity

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    What it is:
    If you’re looking for a delicate and warm perfume that captures the feeling of the tropics, then Coco Extreme from Comptoir Sud Pacifique is your answer! Combining delicious and tropical notes with flirty warm scents, the fragrance is a true testimony to the bliss of the Caribbean.

    Launched in 2006, the Coco Extreme fragrance mixes coconut and vanilla to deliver a unique experience, perfect for those who don’t have the budget or the time for an exotic getaway, but would still love to experience the intoxicating scents.

    What it does:
    The perfume features a creamy composition, due to the coconut notes, which blend seamlessly with the lush, velvety vanilla, which combines Madagascar Vanilla with Vanilla flower. 

    The fragrance also features tones of Tonka Almond and Sugar Candy, all coming perfectly together to create a flirty, tropical and delicious perfume that lingers on your skin for hours on end.

    Key Features & Benefits:
    • Captures the feeling of the tropics
    • Features warm scents of coconut & vanilla
    • Offers a tropical, flirty fragrance
    • Features a creamy composition
    • Provides long lasting wear
    • Delicate perfume