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Therapy-G Products

Therapy-G - for thinning or fine hair

Therapy-G – THE system for treating thinning or fine hair.

The most technologically advanced hair-loss treatment and hair-thining treatment system available today. The unique formulas enable you to detoxify, nourish, and stimulate the follicle, volumize, moisturize, and protect the hair as well as to enhance styling.

This unique system is the first to offer DEEP CLEANSING AND NEUTRALIZATION of toxins, free radicals, and DHT while at the same time stimulating renewed growth by nourishing the follicles, and without drying the hair and scalp. The follicle stimulator is directed at retaining the hair on the head for a longer time by extending the growth stage of the hair cycle. It is also contains the patented TRYPTOBOND GUARD. Tryptobond Guard is amino acid-based and attaches itself to each hair strand it comes in contact with. It does NOT rinse off the hair. Tryptobond Guard protects hair from sun’s UV damage, breakage, color and tonality changes, and surface damage from styling stress.

Therapy-G is not only for people who are losing their hair but also for people who have fine hair. It enables these people to experience thicker, fuller and healthier hair that is protected from sun damage, styling stress and color changes.

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