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Natura Bisse Diamond White Rich Luxury Cleanse 7oz

Natura Bisse

Natura Bisse Diamond White Rich Luxury Cleanse 7oz
SKU# 3420152
SKU 3420152
Brand Natura Bisse
Directions • Use the hydrating facial cleanser twice a day, mornings and nights.
• Massage gently using circular motions until it forms a light texture.
• Moisten your hands and continue massaging until it becomes an emulsion.
• Rinse well.

The cleanser goes well with:
Natura Bisse Diamond White Clarity Toning Lotion
Natura Bisse Diamond White 1.7oz
Size 7 oz.

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What it is:
The extraordinary Diamond White Cleanser from Natura Bisse has multiple actions and delivers an astonishing skin! In addition to deeply cleaning the skin without causing any sensitivity or irritation, the gentle facial cleanser also removes eye makeup efficiently and relieves that feeling of tightness as well.

The hydrating facial cleanser delivers instant results, featuring a delicate texture and helping you achieve not only a clear, purified skin, but also a significantly more luminous complexion.

What it does:
The gentle facial cleanser removes all traces of impurities, makeup or dirt, leaving the skin clean and detoxified. It contains Vitamin E and F, which hydrate the skin and maintain the hydration levels, so that your skin does not become dry because of the cleansing. They also offer protection against free radicals.

The formula is reinforced by pomegranate extract, which smoothens the skin and evens skin tone, revealing a more radiant and luminous complexion! The cleanser also relieves tightness in the skin.

Key Features & Benefits:
• Removes all impurities & makeup
• Hydrates the skin
• Protects against free radicals
• Evens skin tone
• Brightens the skin
• Paraben FREE