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J.F. Lazartigue Shampoo with Shea Butter

J.F. Lazartigue

J.F. Lazartigue Shampoo with Shea Butter
SKU# 2260087
SKU 2260087
Brand J.F. Lazartigue
Directions • Apply to wet hair while showering or bathing.
• Distribute evenly from root to ends and massage gently.
• Rinse off well.
Size 6.8 oz.

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What it is:
J.F. Lazartigue Shampoo with Shea Butter is a gentle cleanser, yet has a very effective action, removing all traces of dirt and impurities from scalp and hair, leaving it stronger and more pleasant to touch.

Formulated without the use of parabens, the Shea butter shampoo provides maximum tolerance for all hair types and cleanses without stripping the scalp and hair of their natural oils or moisture.

What it does:
The J.F. Lazartigue Shampoo with Shea Butter deeply nourishes scalp and hair, protecting the keratin levels within the hair fibers, which helps fortify hair and prevent future breakage.

The Shea butter shampoo is highly moisturizing, fighting dryness and preventing future dehydration with ultra-moisturizing agents. The product also helps detangle hair, making it easier to comb and style.

Key Features & Benefits:
• Gently cleanses scalp & hair
• Fortifies hair
• Nourishes scalp & hair
• Protects keratin contents
• Prevents dryness
• Deeply moisturizes the hair
• Detangles hair
• Paraben FREE