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J.F. Lazartigue Intensive Scalp Revitalizer

    J.F. Lazartigue

    J.F. Lazartigue Intensive Scalp Revitalizer
    SKU# 2260037
    BrandJ.F. Lazartigue
    Directions• Apply 1 ampoule to scalp, after shampoo and on towel-dried hair. 
    • Apply in sections and massage gently into scalp with your fingertips. 
    • Do not rinse.
    Size10 x 0.16 oz.

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    What it is:
    Ideal for normal to dry scalp and hair, but especially beneficial to irritated scalp and hair that’s prone to dandruff, J.F. Lazartigue Intensive Scalp Revitalizer treatment helps fortify hair and strengthen the roots. It is strongly recommended for new mothers, as hair during pregnancy is significantly weakened.

    What it does:
    This fabulous hair growth treatment is based on a special blend of plat extracts, called Plant Placenta, which not only stimulates hair growth, but also strengthen the hair, acting as a powerful regenerator.  
    J.F. Lazartigue Intensive Scalp Revitalizer treatment acts directly on the scalp, by capillary action, and nourishes the root, delivering all the vitamins, nutrients, amino acids and trace elements needed for cellular renewal. 

    Key Features & Benefits:
    • Fortifies hair
    • Stimulates roots
    • Promotes healthy hair growth
    • Suitable for normal to dry hair
    • Ideal for irritated or dandruff-prone scalp
    • Nourishes scalp & hair