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J.F. Lazartigue Hair Styling Gel

J.F. Lazartigue

J.F. Lazartigue Hair Styling Gel
SKU# 2260029
SKU 2260029
Brand J.F. Lazartigue
Directions • Use a small amount of gel and shape your hair with your fingers.
• Allow to dry naturally or use a blow dryer.
Size 3.4 oz.

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What it is:
Tame unruly hair and shape it any way you like with this fabulous non-oily gel from J.F. Lazartigue! It is now a lot easier to keep your strands in place or achieve a flawless style with J.F. Lazartigue Hair Styling Gel, a highly versatile product that makes your hair more manageable without weighing it down.

What it does:
The Hair Styling Gel from J.F. Lazartigue can be used on both dap and dry hair. It increases hair’s manageability and makes it easier to style, offering long lasting results without the extra weight.

The formula is very gentle, which makes the non-oily gel ideal for daily use, as it leaves no residue and it doesn’t dry out hair either. It helps you sculpt your hair and achieve a stylish look, while maintaining the health of your hair.

Key Features & Benefits:
• Non-oily hair gel
• Helps shape & sculpt hair
• Increases hair’s manageability
• Tames unruly hair
• Ensures long lasting styles
• Doesn’t weigh hair down
• Leaves no residue
• Ideal for daily use
• Can be applied to damp & dry hair