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j.f. lazartigue Hair Loss Duo Pack

J.F. Lazartigue

j.f. lazartigue Hair Loss Duo Pack
SKU# 2260178
SKU 2260178
Brand J.F. Lazartigue

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What it is:
This set contains the perfect combination to help fight hair loss. The j.f. lazartigue Intensive Scalp Revitalizer treatment acts directly on the scalp, by capillary action, and nourishes the root, delivering all the vitamins, nutrients, amino acids and trace elements needed for cellular renewal.

The j.f. lazartigue Stymulactine 21 Shampoo features plant glycoproteins, which stimulate the scalp tissue, as well as micro-capsules of phospholipids, which slow down hair loss and promote regrowth.

What it does:
With the j.f. lazartigue Stymulactine 21 Shampoo, you can combat skin aging and increase hair’s density. The shampoo is rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory products, which protect the hair.

Ideal for normal to dry scalp and hair, but especially beneficial to irritated scalp and hair that’s prone to dandruff, j.f. lazartigue Intensive Scalp Revitalizer treatment helps fortify hair and strengthen the roots.

Key Features & Benefits:
• Revitalizes and fortifies hair
• Stimulates the scalp and roots
• Encourages hair regrowth
• Enhances hair density
• Offers antioxidant protection
• Ideal for irritated or dandruff-prone scalp