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J.F. Lazartigue Color Emulsion - Golden Chestnut

J.F. Lazartigue

J.F. Lazartigue Color Emulsion - Golden Chestnut
SKU# 2260119
SKU 2260119
Brand J.F. Lazartigue
Directions • Apply emulsion to roots, parting by parting.
• After coloring all roots, apply to hair length.
• Leave on for 20-40 minutes, then rinse off well.
• For touchups, apply to roots only.
Size 2.03 oz.

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What it is:
J.F. Lazartigue Color Emulsion - Golden Chestnut is a warm, beautiful shade of brown that will definitely enhance the look of your hair. Following the ultra gentle J.F. Lazartigue formula, this color emulsion is perfectly safe for the hair, containing no traces of ammonia, peroxide or parabens.

What it does:
The J.F. Lazartigue Color Emulsion provides a very long lasting color that does not alter with shampoos, sea water or sun exposure. It covers 100% of grey hair and can be easily used for touchup as well.

The color emulsion is permanent and it’s based on an algae gel, which coats the hair shaft with a protective film of color. It does not raise hair scales, but rather integrates with them, thus conditioning and protecting your hair.

Key Features & Benefits:
• Warm, brown chestnut shade
• Permanent color emulsion
• Conditions & treats hair
• Coats hair with a protective film
• Does not damage or deteriorate hair strands
• Offers a glossy color
• 100% grey coverage
• Resists to sun & sea water
• Ammonia & peroxide FREE