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NEUMA neuRepair Argan Oil 2.5oz


    NEUMA neuRepair Argan Oil 2.5oz
    SKU# 0007012p
    Directions• Apply 2-3 drops on either damp or dry hair. 
    • Distribute evenly and blow-dry or style as usual.
    Product TypesHair Care, Leave In Sprays & Conditioners, Oils & Serums

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    What it is:
    For amazingly beautiful and healthy hair, the neuRepair Argan Oil is the way to go, a highly restorative formula that instantly revives dull and lifeless hair, strengthening it and boosting its shine.  

    This fabulous argan body oil contains zero synthetic fragrances, parabens or sulfates, featuring a plant-based formula with certified organic extracts that promote maximum tolerance. The result? A silky and smooth hair with gorgeous shine!

    What it does:
    The neuRepair Argan Oil from Neuma features Phyto Color Complex, which maximizes color retention and extends the life of your hair color with plant extracts that restore your hair’s natural shine and health. It also contains the brand’s Phyto UV Shield, which protects color from fading.

    The argan kernel oil within the formula nourishes and hydrates hair, while rose hip fruit extract soothes and softens it. The argan body oil contains Shea butter, which adds moisture and helps smoothens the hair, while apricot kern oil keeps flyaways at bay.

    Key Features & Benefits:
    • Restores health & shine to your hair
    • Non-greasy formula
    • Gets quickly absorbed
    • Extends color life
    • Enhances color vibrancy
    • Protects against UV rays
    • Keeps color from fading
    • Nourishes & conditions hair
    • Soothes & softens the hair
    • Controls flyways
    • Paraben & Fragrance FREE