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EMK BEVERLY HILLS 24K Gold Peeling Gel 1.7oz


    EMK BEVERLY HILLS 24K Gold Peeling Gel 1.7oz
    SKU# 6780019
    Directions• Cleanse, pat skin dry, and apply an even layer of gel. 
    • Massage over skin in circular motions. 
    • Rinse well. 
    • Use up to 3 times a week on normal to dry skin
    • Use 3 to 7 times a week on oily or resilient skin
    Ingredients24K Gold, Vitamin C, Arbutin (from Bearberry), Bioplacenta® from Agave Cactus, Vitamin B, Copper, Silver
    Product TypesExfoliants, Skin Care
    Skin TypeDry Skin, Dull Skin

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    What it is:
    Experience the utmost in silky smooth, rosy, healthy skin with this transforming peel.The EMK BEVERLY HILLS 24K Gold Peeling Gel is the result of extensive research by EMK and anti-aging medical specialist and innovation collaborator, Dr. Thiago Freire. Your skin will look radiant, revitalized, and super clean instantly. You’ll notice pores look less visible and clearer.

    What it does:
    Regular exfoliation is the key to super brighter looking skin that is ultra smooth and in good health. New GOLDLAMINA™ 24 karat gold flakes working in combination with potent plant extract, BIOPLACENTA®, deliver the most powerful skin renewal through exfoliation without irritation. Delicate lifting action erases dead, discolored skin layers and impurities to let potent Vitamin C and energizing minerals reignite skin’s youthful looking glow. Natural Bearberry helps skin appear brighter and diminishes the look of discolorations and spots.

    Key Features & Benefits:
    24K GOLD - ["Cleopatra's Beauty Secret"] Gold contains ions that can help stimulate circulation that promotes oxygenation and the secretion of waste. Its perceived brightening action makes skin appear lighter.
    COPPER - [Smoothing Mineral] Helps to promote the skin's natural level of elastin and collagen - the two vital essentials for firm, resilient, smoother looking skin.
    SILVER - [Natural Anti-Microbial] Traditionally used to fight infection, silver is helpful for soothing and protecting skin after facials or waxing, because it keeps bacteria at bay.
    BEARBERRY - [Antioxidant Brightening] The natural Arbutin ingredient from the Uva Ursi, or Bearberry, plant is shown in research to be effective for brightening and evening out skin tone.
    VITAMIN C - [Potent Antioxidant] - Antioxidant benefits and the ability to help collagen synthesis make Vitamin C a vital skin health molecule. It combats and may help prevent UV skin damage.
    B6 - [Essential Nutrients] B6 helps prevent the production of excess sebum that leads to clogged pores and potential blemishes and acne.
    B12 - [Essential Nutrients] B12 is beneficial for blemished skin. It relieves and soothes overly dry skin. It provides a protective moisture barrier to help prevent effects of environmental pollution.



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