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Moroccanoil Body Pure Argan Oil 1.7oz

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MoroccanOil Body

Moroccanoil Body Pure Argan Oil 1.7oz
SKU# 8410011
BrandMoroccanOil Body
Directions• Apply a few drops of oil to hands and massage lightly over face, hands, body and into hair. 
• Can also be added to your hand cream and body moisturizer.
Product TypesBath & Body, Moisturizing, Oils
Size50 ml

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What it is:
With an amazing restorative power, the MoroccanOil Pure Argan Oil is an indulgence for the entire body, head to toe! Its high versatility makes it ideal for hair, face, nails and skin, wrapping your entire self in a deeply nourishing veil of 100% pure argan oil. Although luxurious in texture, the argan body oil is non-greasy and leaves no sticky residue or after feel.

What it does:
MoroccanOil Pure Argan Oil is rich in essential fatty acids, which increase skin’s elasticity and firmness, as well as hair’s manageability, Vitamin E and other potent antioxidants, which protect against free radical damage.

The argan body oil moisturizes skin and hair, delivering a beautiful, natural shine to both. It features a silky soft texture and gets quickly absorbed into the skin and hair, providing the ultimate pampering experience. 

Key Features & Benefits:
• Offers head-to-toe restoration
• Nourishes skin & hair
• Protects against free radicals
• Increases elasticity & firmness
• Non-greasy formula
• Boosts shine
• Gest quickly absorbed
• Fragrance & Paraben FREE