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Art Naturals MCT Oil Softgels 300ct

    Art Naturals

    Art Naturals MCT Oil Softgels 300ct
    SKU# 12210176
    BrandArt Naturals
    DirectionsFor adults, take three capsules daily, preferably with a meal.
    IngredientsNon-GMO MCT Oil (derived from coconuts), Gelatin, Glycerin, Water.

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    Fans of the diet based on returning to how we ate before the “Agricultural Revolution” (paleo), are also big fans of MCT Oil. Our pure, digestible MCT Oil Softgels, made with liquid coconut and palm kernel oils, delivers all the benefits of “medium-chain triglycerides,” aka MCT in convenient gelcap form. Our MCT softgels, include ZERO fillers or additives and are Paleo certified. Coconut and palm kernel oils are packed with these healthy fats. Power up your routine with a healthy boost to your metabolism, energy, and digestion. MCTs are not broken down by enzymes produced by the pancreas. Instead, they produce ketones that help to rev up the body’s fat-burning ability. Current research suggests that MCTs, which are easily absorbed, can assist in helping maintain a healthy weight, since they aid in making you feel full. And because they help raise the body’s metabolic rate, it’s believed they can aid in reducing body fat that’s been stored. Other benefits believed to be produced by using MCT Oil as part of a healthy diet include increased energy, more clear thinking, enhanced digestion, cholesterol management, mood improvement, hormonal balancing, and better ability to fight bacterial and viral infections. Perhaps most important, MCT oil is also believed to increase the ability to absorb fat-soluble nutrients in your diet for all-day energy, increased stamina and boosted athletic performance. Jumpstart your fitness routine and keep your day going strong with convenient MCT capsules to help fend off fatigue and stimulate endurance.